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I Honestly Don’t Know How To Blog | Freedom |Muslim Identity

Thats the simple truth about it.

I don’t think i’m going to get many followers or reach many people out there with the things I learn.. But something just tells me to keep going on and just post stuff that I learn. Maybe it will benefit me when i look back at it someday. I guess It will and for this reason I will continue to blog..

A lot of things are going on in my life right now..and things have been changing for the better.

With the help of allah I have given up some bad habits and feel my Emaan has boosted. I have let go of silly expectations that I’ve had for many years, I’ve let go of foolish ways of thinking too. In short.. I feel free.

I really feel free.

I have no other words to express this. Yes i do have some pending work and that pressure is always there..and I also want to do a lot of things and be really good at them..and this also gives be some stress but my heart is at peace. There is no pain in my heart.. if anything there is a warm buzz that when I notice.. and it makes me feel even better.

It wasn’t long ago that I felt tied down my my sins.. controlled my the negativity in my environment etc.. Alhumdulillah.

Having faith in Allah.. and also his mercy.. honest it’s just him wanting to help me out. I haven’t ever put my 100%.. but still Allah extended his help.

For all you brothers and sisters out there. Just hang in there and do what you can.. eliminate all the things that feed your bad habit.. and identify yourself as muslim.. and understand what you’re supposed to do and be as a muslim. That reminder will kill your rebellious actions..

peace out guys.


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Don’t Be Selfish – Don’t Deny The Rights of Others



You know most of us want this and that and we forget about other people and what they want.

This whole world is a system and nothing is isolated. Everything you do has an effect. Being selfish affects the people around you. Duh.

And don’t think it stops with you getting what you want. There is a consequence to everything. Every action has a reaction.

So before we act selfishly think about the consequence. Even though it seems like you don’t care about it now. What about few years down the line. What if when that person finds out? What if the same thing happens to you?

These are things you must consider.

Being selfish is taking away the rights of others. It’s no small joke. It happens all around us, I get it.

But we can’t be part of it.
Fight your selfish desires. Consider everyone’s perspective and put yourself in their shoes. If you wouldn’t want it if you were them, then don’t do it now.

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Muslims Should Be Approachable – Put That Smile On!


While walking through the train station I saw this Indian guy looking all boss. You know wireless headphones, black suit and tie, brown leather shoes and that face of a Wall Street banker.

It’s become so hip to have this .. ‘I don’t give a **** about you or anyone, cause I’m so boss’ face. Come on guys it’s not cool.

I’ve been there trust me. You think you look so smart and all that. But in reality you look like a mean shark who’s not approachable.

Put that smile on. Look like the guy who people would approach when they are lost. be happy, smile! Ooze with positivity. Keep smiling, the Prophet, peace be upon him was always found to be smiling.

Don’t pretend to be a snobbish Wall Street banker. You aren’t one. And you don’t have to be. And if you are one, don’t act like you are one. Spare us please 🙂

People will like you! Peace !

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Early To Bed, Early to Rise!


Early to bed, early to rise, muslim, islam, fair, tahajjud








I must say that this feels truly magical.

I mean it’s as if God just stretched my day into eternity. While everyone is asleep I get my work done, or catch up on the things I wanted to do. I’m writing this post at 5:41am in the morning. life is awesome.

Last night I slept at 11pm, 1 hour later than planned un fortunately. You know, no one moves off to bed and I easily to distracted with the mobile phone watching Mufti Menk videos. But still somehow I woke up at 4am. eyes suddenly ope, I thought..

“Okay, let me just get up and do tahajjud.”

I even read Manzil on the phone.

Is there a better way to start the day? I think not! I still have 45 minutes to sunrise.. and I just feel free of stress. Alhumdulillah.

If only i did this everyday for the past few years.. I’d have been über-productive. Oh well’s I could always start today. 

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Space Exploration – We Must Be Against It.












Can’t they see all the poverty and unsolved diseases we have here on Earth? What makes them so blind and selfish to explore the unnecessary?

I don’t think I will be able to accept their choice, let alone understand their logic. I’m strongly against such extravagances. If we all pooled in our extra cash to make the world a better place, by taking the initiative to solve problems that our communities face right now.. the world wouldn’t be the same.

Luxuries are not necessary when the basic needs of the people around you aren’t met.

As muslims we must not be extravagant and excessive. We must focus on the well being of our community and our Earth.

Heck, this applies to everyone not just muslims. We must all be against it

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Absolute Trust In God

The heart is an organ of stillness and peace. The heart yearns for remembrance of Allah. When you deny it and fail to quench it’s hunger and thirst for the remembrance of Allah.. Then there is pain.

If you are in pain and are trying to fill it with other than Allah. It’s a sign for your mistrust in Allah. You don’t trust that he will satisfy you so you’re looking for it elsewhere.

Stop. No one can satisfy you. Have absolute trust that he will satisfy you.

Go back to remembering Allah. You will be satisfied.

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God’s Democracy – Freedom of Choice

They say that if Allah wants to do good to someone then he gives him trials.

You may think this is madness. But you know what God is giving us freedom. You ask how freedom? He’s giving us the choice to choose Him. If you choose Him.. Then He opens the door. If you choose your nafs or the devil, He punishes you as you have chosen wrong.

Every time you are afflicted or tempted to do wrong.. It’s a test to see who you choose. The choice is yours.

Who will you choose?

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Stay Active | Fear of Failure | Just Do it.

Self Improvement, Feelings, Emotions, Active, Fear, Failure, Just do it

I was just reading some self improvement stuff and I learnt something that I want to hold on to.

|Stay Active|

You don’t have to do crazy vigorous exercise. Assuming that you need to be sweating and running around like a marathon runner is a silly expectation. Just get moving.. walk up stairs instead of taking the escalator. Simple.

|Fear of Failure|

I must say that I don’t post much because i feel that the post isn’t perfect enough. Well thinking too much about that failure ends up in well.. no post at all. Which is worse? No post. Duh! Don’t worry about the failure.. think like a baby and just do it. Babies don’t care about looking stupid thats why they learn so fast and without fear. If we had fear like we do now when we were babies we wouldn’t be walking.

|Just Do It|

You need motivation to start something? Actually you don’t. It’s a myth. You just need to do what you have to do. Do you think about whether you are in the mood for eating? You just eat when its lunch time. Do you wait to feel all excited to take a shower? No you just do it because it should be done whether you like it or not. Just like that don’t put off things just because you don’t feel like it. Just do what has to be done.